How long will it take you to assess my claim?
Within two business days, we will let you know whether we are prepared to move forward with your claim. If we are happy with what we have already seen but need further information to be able to make a firm offer, we will let you know what is required. Once we receive that information, we will make an immediate decision.


What information do I need to provide?
At a minimum, we will need either the letter of advice, detailing the prospects of success of your claim, that you received from your legal team, or a similar opinion from a barrister. We will also want to see the main documents involved in your case — particularly if they are mentioned in the letter or opinion.


What does it mean for me if I lose my case?
If you are unsuccessful in litigation or arbitration, you will receive nothing – but the case will have cost you nothing. We indemnify you against the opponent’s costs on any matter we fund. You have no costs as a claimant, and we take all the risks.


What size of claim do you fund?
We fund meritorious claims valued at over US$ 1 million. We have no top limit for claims.


Can you fund my claim if I have already begun litigation?


Are there any hidden costs that you have not mentioned?
No. We do not charge you to assess your case, and we do not bill our clients for management or expense charges of any kind.


Do you fund family, divorce or personal injury-related claims?

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